Trays & Mesh

Trays and Mesh Products

Tooltech produces a whole range of trays that can be utilised in many different ways.  We also specialise in problem solving so if we don't have the right tray for your needs, and if the quantities are sufficient, we can design and produce them for you.  Some of the trays we make include....

School Desk Trays

Ploma's SF120 and SFDV120 School Desk Trays are specifically designed for recess under school desks. The SFDV120 is our deep version of the tray allowing more storage.

Catering Trays
The Ploma Food Service Trays are made from a robust Polymer with a textured base to prevent slippage.

Party Pal
The Party Pal by Ploma is a small food service tray with a wine glass holder
XL3 Aquatray
The Standard Aquatray is the most comprehensive shellfish grow-out system for both intertidal and subtidal use. It is currently used for oysters, scallops, abalone and mussels.  Features durable plastic mesh.

XL6 Aquatray
The XL6 Aquatray for both Intertidal and Subtidal use is versatile, light, sturdy and easily handled. It fits 2 Aquatray lids or can be used with roll-out mesh cloth. Twice the size of our standard Aquatray, it has a much larger capacity but is still easily manoeuvred.   Features durable plastic mesh. 

XL6DV Aquatray
With an internal depth of 55mm, the XL6 DV Aquatray is ideal for the larger Pacific and Triploid Pacific Oysters. The XL6 DV is normally used Intertidal on Rails.   Features durable plastic mesh. 

XL8DV Aquatray
The XL8 DV Aquatray is the World’s largest, environmentally friendly and fully plastic shellfish grow-out tray. It is relatively light, strengthened, very sturdy and easily handled.  Features durable plastic mesh. 

Mesh Panel
We developed the Mesh Panel to be used as a lid for the XL3 and XL6 Aquatray. Our resourceful customers have found the panel to be a very multi-purpose device!

Comprehensively equipped, experienced

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Specialising in mouldings encompassing polyolefins to engineering plastics

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Latest News

Third Generation
We are proud that we are a family owned and operated manufacturing company and it is with great pleasure that we announce that a third generation has just begun working for the company as a school based apprentice.  Well done Matthew!
AP6 Plus Aquapurse System

TTP Plastics by Design is proud to announce the release of the AP6 Plus Aquapurse System.

TTP have been listening to you, our customers, and have developed exciting new products based on your extensive and valuable feedback.  This feedback has allowed us to develop a system that the industry requires to achieve the efficiency required to compete in the marketplace.  For more information click here.

New Base Plate

Tooltech has designed and manufactured a plastic base plate to replace the metal base plate previously available for the Strata and Aquarius chair shells.