AP6 Plus Accessories

AP6 Accessories

After many years of extensive development utilising techniques such as finite analysis, materials analysis, 3D printing and extensive field testing, we are excited to be releasing 3 long awaited new products to complement the already successful AP6. Clipfast, the Integrated Float and the AP6 Joiner are ready for release to the industry.

Part Identification Name Description of Use



Part No. 032/988

Single Line Hook

Used to attach the AP6 Aquapurse along Longlines

Part No. 032/993

Dual Line Hook

Used to attach the AP6 Aquapurse between or across Longlines

Part No. 032/929

Subtidal Side Hook and Lock Plate

Attach the Subtidal Side Hook and Lock Plate to the side of the AP6 for use with rope suspension (4 required)

Part No. 032/1208

Infinity Clip

Our new Infinity Clip has been designed to withstand the rigours of the aggressive environment that wears out current systems. To achieve this, we have developed the clip using a combination of engineering grade polymers and design features. This allowed us to take advantage of the different polymers excellent properties to their fullest. The rigid polymer for its superior memory and impact resistance. The other polymer has the best abrasive wear properties currently available. By using this material at all contact points on the line and the basket and also designing a novel flex system into the structure, we have limited the possibility of abrasive wear.

The design also exhibits excellent ergonomics that will reduce fatigue when handling a large number of baskets.


Part No. 032/1123


The IFS has been designed so that the float and the basket are though of as a single unit. No more clumsy oversized floats reducing storage and available space on punts.

The IFS will allow the basket to be efficiently used with grading and automatic loading systems. The float is manufactured from the same polymer as the deep water sub tidal floats and are UV stabilised for long life. The floats can attach to any of the four sides allowing the height of the Basket in water to be adjusted.


Material: UV Stabilised Polymer
Length: 58cm
Width: 8cm
Depth: 5cm



Part No. 032/1124-01


The Joiner adds another dimension to the system, it allows the AP6 to be connected to form  a sturdy raft or as a tumbler when combined with the IFS. The joiners do not affect the functionality and ability to be used with automated systems. 

Material: UV Stabilised Polymer

Comprehensively equipped, experienced

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Specialising in mouldings encompassing polyolefins to engineering plastics

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Latest News

Third Generation
We are proud that we are a family owned and operated manufacturing company and it is with great pleasure that we announce that a third generation has just begun working for the company as a school based apprentice.  Well done Matthew!
AP6 Plus Aquapurse System

TTP Plastics by Design is proud to announce the release of the AP6 Plus Aquapurse System.

TTP have been listening to you, our customers, and have developed exciting new products based on your extensive and valuable feedback.  This feedback has allowed us to develop a system that the industry requires to achieve the efficiency required to compete in the marketplace.  For more information click here.

New Base Plate

Tooltech has designed and manufactured a plastic base plate to replace the metal base plate previously available for the Strata and Aquarius chair shells.