AP6 Aquapurse

AP6 Plus Aquapurse

AP6 Aquapurse

The Shellfish Industry's most versatile, easy to assemble and economic grow-out unit. The AP6 Aquatray features one piece moulding – it simply folds and clips together so no other assembly is required other than the desired suspension. It can take a mesh spat bag insert if required and flotation devices can easily be fitted if desired. It has provision for suspension ropes and will fit automatic graders.

The AP6 Aquapurse is suitable for Intertidal suspension and floatation on longlines and subtidal suspension.


Material: UV stabilized Polymer
Measurements: Length: 720mm
Width: 255mm
Height: 170mm
Weight: 855 gms
Mesh Size: 8mm & 16mm
Accessories: Clip-in Hooks (2) for longline use
Clip-in side hook & hole for (4) for subtidal use
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Third Generation
We are proud that we are a family owned and operated manufacturing company and it is with great pleasure that we announce that a third generation has just begun working for the company as a school based apprentice.  Well done Matthew!
AP6 Plus Aquapurse System

TTP Plastics by Design is proud to announce the release of the AP6 Plus Aquapurse System.

TTP have been listening to you, our customers, and have developed exciting new products based on your extensive and valuable feedback.  This feedback has allowed us to develop a system that the industry requires to achieve the efficiency required to compete in the marketplace.  For more information click here.

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