In 1967, Peter Scott and his wife Heather, began a small tooling business - Tooltech Products - at Bulimba in Queensland. With a great deal of risk, hard work and determination, Peter grew his business and in 1978 moved premises to a new industrial park being established at Carole Park which borders Brisbane and Ipswich.

OriginsPeter realised the future was in plastics, and began purchasing small plastic injection moulding machines. His vision was to offer customers the option to have their moulds designed and built at the same factory where the moulding was done. The toolmakers would also be available to service and repair moulds faster than having modifications made off-site.

Nearly 20 years later, it was advised that Tooltech Products should become a proprietary company and so Tooltech Pty Ltd was established with Peter as its Managing Director. The company continued expanding with each injection moulding machine purchased, larger than the previous.

Over the years, new buildings were erected, original buildings had roofs raised and the property next door purchased to become a storage warehouse.

Peter's children are actively involved in the Company and after Peter's passing in 1999, his son Wayne, took over the reins as managing director and his youngest daughter Amanda, is involved in marketing and I.T. support.

Wayne is continuing to grow the business, further expanding the international customer base which had just begun during Peter's time and upgrading and replacing some of the older machines.

The company not only has long-term, loyal staff members but also many long-term customers. Our customers know that they can rely on us to get their jobs done in the fastest time possible with quality in mind all the way.

Comprehensively equipped, experienced

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Specialising in mouldings encompassing polyolefins to engineering plastics

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Latest News

Third Generation
We are proud that we are a family owned and operated manufacturing company and it is with great pleasure that we announce that a third generation has just begun working for the company as a school based apprentice.  Well done Matthew!
AP6 Plus Aquapurse System

TTP Plastics by Design is proud to announce the release of the AP6 Plus Aquapurse System.

TTP have been listening to you, our customers, and have developed exciting new products based on your extensive and valuable feedback.  This feedback has allowed us to develop a system that the industry requires to achieve the efficiency required to compete in the marketplace.  For more information click here.

New Base Plate

Tooltech has designed and manufactured a plastic base plate to replace the metal base plate previously available for the Strata and Aquarius chair shells.